Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[Photique] Themes for January and February 2007


8-- January Blues
15- Ice

22--mary--smudge-tool brushing and/or winter trees
29--special "babuska" photos (photo within a photo--just for fun!), family, other special such as cool photos that didn't fit a topic, favorites.

12--The City (town or even village if you cannot get to the City)

19—bundled up

26--mary--black and white

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Black and White

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Black and White: Pully Wheel, Wolcott Mill

I hope this one posts better than the one at BP!!!!

Click image to see larger!Posted by Picasa

Black and White: The Wolcott Mill yet again

this one in BW with poster edges to bring out the detail of the clapboard. If you click on the picture and then click on it a second time, you can see the nice detail that isn't visible int he smaller versions. Posted by Picasa

Black and White (with selective color): Toward Hope, the Clinic Skywalk

A bit of selective color for this BW! Posted by Picasa

Antique Plaque at Blle Isle Bridge

I can't remember if I already posted this one--if I did, I will take it back off--this is partly for a test.

Note that someone seems to have touched this plaque somewhat strangely. Posted by Picasa

More Black and White Reflections

This is the final edit - I hope. I must learn to look at them properly BEFORE I upload them. I think this is better.

This is the same scene. All I did was play around in Channel Mixer and was surprised when this came out. Maybe the horizontal log is not good within the composition. I have cloned it out in the poster edge version.

Another one with a touch of poster edge.

Black & White Reflections

I did all the b&w adjustments to this in the RAW converter. I am sure you recognise this scene which I seem to be photographing a lot lately. I took a tripod with me on this trip as the previous trip there had not been a lot of light but the day was quite bright here (yes bright in January) and probably I didn't need a tripod
This one has poster edge applied. I kind of liked it. Also I made the reflection lighter to endeavour to match the top half. I am thinking of putting this on BP.

Black & White Charlotte

I have just replaced this one for the latest edit after making some changes that Charlotte asked for. Hope she likes it now.
My favourite of my Charlotte shots (didn't change the tooth in this one. Can't remember how I did it - I usually use the channel mixer and click on greyscale at the bottom? but then I must have added a sepia tint I guess.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I took a lot of antique pictures and never posted them. I don't know the date they were suppsoed to be posted so I am just going to post them here. Later I hope to move them to the correct date. Well, this one (I have more, but won't be posting them right now)

This is from an old "antique" plaque at the police station in Grosse Pointe Shores. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 19, 2007


Delivering the post in the Cast Iron Historic District.

BUNDLED UP in Brooklyn

With the Manhattan Skyline in the background. And my new hat and gloves. This was after we had walked across on the BrooklynBridge.

BUNDLED UP on Ellis Island

When we were leaving Ellis Island a boat load of people arrived and it made think of what it would have been like for the original immigrants when they arrived. I am sure they would not have had that covered walkway! I liked the fact you could see the Statue of Liberty in the distance too.

BUNDLED UP on top of the bus

We were mad enough to go up top on the bus when we crossed the Manhattan Bridge in the freezing cold. We stayed on top all the way back as it was useless down below we couldn't see a thing. When we got back to our room I got into bed fully clothed and it took several hours to thaw out.

Monday, February 12, 2007

City: Keith at Wayne State University

One of the cool things about the city is all the different kinds of architecture. I overlaid two pale rainbow gradients over this, one in each direction.

Wayne State is in the cultural section Detroit. Posted by Picasa

The City: Detroit from Wayne State

We went to Wayne State University yesterday to see a poetry reading and then walked around taking pictures.

Sorry about the sensor spots. :-( Posted by Picasa

THE CITY - Soho 2

Still around the Cast Iron District I think this was still Soho or else it was Greenwich Village. Charlotte recommended we went to this area. She shops in all the fashionable boutiques around there. Not with her own money, with her company credit card, she has to go and buy samples - poor thing.


I did have the name of that strange building in the background somewhere but can't find it now. The guy crossing the road is the same one who is waiting at the lights. I added him in from another pic as I thought it filled in a gap nicely.

THE CITY - from the Empire State

A view of the
financial district and the Wasshingto Bridge in the background. This is not a good quality picture but there is something about it I like.

THE CITY - Times Square

This was real early on our first morning when I went down to take Janine's Kodak POTD shot. We were early as we were still on UK time. Before we reached the Square I was already so cold that we called in a shop and bought gloves and hats.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Seasonal Snowdrops

I wasn't aware snowdrops had so many blemishes on them till I took a macro shot of them. These required considerable cleaning up on them. Little loves. I guess I will post this to BP when I return. I think the portrait one is best for composition.

Actually with both of them I used two pictures because of the DOF. With the top one the snowdrop on the right was out of focus so I layered it in from another shot.
And the same with the bottom picture. I layered in the bottom flower.